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Here's how to play a few basic chords on the Tenor Guitar. I will add more gradually. If you have a preferred way to play some of these, send it to me at dacelbot@gmail.com and I'll put it up.

These include Major, minor and seventh chords, click the image for a bigger version:

A Chord B Chord C Chord D Chord
Picture of A Chord
Picture of B Chord
Picture of C Chord
Picture of D Chord

E Chord F Chord G Chord
Picture of E Chord
Picture of F Chord
Picture of G Chord

Closed and Bar Chords

For those who dont know, a closed chord is when you finger all of the strings on the guitar so you have no open strings.
If you want to play Texas Style music you will be using these a lot.
Here's how to play a few common ones. The nice thing is you just slide them up and down the neck to play different chords.
C position bar chord F position bar chord Diminished chord
Picture of a bar chord Picture of a bar chord Picture of a diminished chord